Cool guys,it’s your style

21 May 2014

There are various kinds of men in the worldsome moderatesome impatientsome big macho manothers gentlemenbut today we will talk about cool guysi belive many girls like this guysSo how to make cool guys more stylish?Today’s themeCool guysit’s your styleTungsten Wedding Ring

Cool guysit's your style
Firstly you can seea messy haira gray T-shirta thin black jacket, brown belt, tan slacks, brown shoes, hands folded on his chest, just a glance, there is a bohemian feeling, this is really cool people struggling to cope.
Otherwisei chose a Tripe Grooved Stripes Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bandunique Tripe Grooved shapesymple but stylish.Then,Caperci Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet,is ready to make a fashion and trendy statement in its own bold way. It features curb-link chain and exquisite epoxy craft.Finally,Two-Tone King Cross Pendantis perfect for the men who appreciates both faith and fashion.tungsten wedding Rings
How about today’s collocation?Cool guys,you can collocate yourselves like this!!




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